Ben Holder, District 1 candidate

Residential address: 1306 Oak St., 27403

Incumbent or challenger? Challenger

Age: 38 (Oct. 12)

Campaign website or blog:,

Occupation and employer: Property supervisor

Previous elective experience (including election campaigns): None (“I used to have a shirt that said, ‘Don’t vote; it only encourages them.’”)

Civic and volunteer experience (including service on city commissions and boards): Has gotten municipal ordinances changed, advanced transparency, gotten massage parlors shut down, instigated the city to create the SCORE program, launched human trafficking awareness project

Education (highest degree attained and name of institution): Bachelor of arts in communications with concentration in journalism at Salem College in Winston-Salem

Party registration: Democrat (nonpartisan race)

What is the city and state of your birth? Greensboro

Paid consultants working on your campaign: None

Your campaign manager(s): Self

Your treasurer: Self

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Holder running in District 1