Ben Sullivan

by Brian Clarey

When other kids were pretending to fly like Superman or hit a baseball like Wade Boggs, this week’s Page Three model, Ben Sullivan, was imagining how to make a perfect béarnaise. “I always watched Julia Child and Jeff Smith instead of cartoons on Saturday mornings,” he says. The graduate of Charlotte’s prestigious Johnson & Wales culinary academy now plies his craft at Ganache Restaurant and Bakery as the executive chef. “I really like international dishes, international comfort food,” he says. “There are reasons why there are national dishes like pad Thai or meatloaf: They’re good.” Sullivan, who earned a degree in archaeology from UNCG in 1999, says he likes to experiment with ancient recipes when he cooks at home. “It’s hard to find dormouse and sparrow,” he says, tiny birds the Romans and Greeks would stuff and then eat whole. The stuffed trout he’s holding in this shot is much better suited to the Greensboro palate.