Merge one-partroots with one-part groove and a dash of psychedelia. Then throw-in apenchant for bands such as Kiss, Zeppelin, Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglasand Pigface and you might start to ask yourself, "Just what the hellkind of stew have I ordered?" You’ve ordered up a heaping helping ofBenj-O-Matic, but don’t worry, it’ll set on your stomach like a hotbowl of Collard Greens and Neckbones!! Their new CD, "New Tales forthe Broken Radio" has been compared to everything from Butch Walker toThe Black Crowes. Voted one of the Top Five Bands to watch by Go TriadMagazine (June 2004), their live show garners much praise and attentionfor being energetic, fun and just a damn good time!! Justin Cord-Hayesof Go Traid magazine writes "….these guys put on a good live show,the kind that goes great with pretzels, meat sticks and Miller HighLife" (April 2005). Frontman Benjy Johnson wrenches every bit of energyfrom his voice, guitar and electrified Dobro to get the crowd movingand on their feet. Drummer Scotty Irving lays into the kit like it didsomething bad to him…..reeeaal bad, and sings soaring harmony vocalsthat only close family can pull-off. Bassist John Harrison holds itall together with funk-nasty, slap-happy bass guitar that will get yourhind-parts moving more than 1979!! This lineup has been kicking itabout since 2002 and shows no signs of letting up. Big Sound, BigShow, Good Lord I got to go!!!!