Best of Music

Let’s just accept that almost every winner here campaigned to some degree, or had a dedicated few (moms) that campaigned on their behalves. There wouldn’t be great art without greater ego, and illusory superlatives like these are the ambrosia that nourishes it. Even the Eagles as best live concert of 2013 was likely influenced by James Dolan taking time away from ruining the Knicks to create 300 fake email addresses on the off chance that someone would remember his awful band was the unbilled opener (he would later use those email addresses to troll the Daily News).

The winners, for the most part, are obviously deserved. Joey Barnes is an accomplished drummer who has played the largest stages with Daughtry, but he’s carved out his on path with a knack for writing soaring pop. On the songwriter front, Crystal Bright’s lurid compositions are given a new dimension every time she performs them live. The Heritage win over rooms full of people with their Zappa-esque spin on funk instrumentalism. Though they might be a little too seasoned for the “Best New Band” honor, guitarist Cass Copsey might have also been deserving in that category. And Ed Ruger is easily the hardest working man in show business, a true hustler.

In the cases of winning original musicians, congratulations, don’t forget to thank us in the liner notes of your next album. We’ll accept signed copies of it at the address found in the masthead, along with tickets to the Steely Dan show in August since you’ll soon be able to afford it. In the cases of the cover bands that dominated key categories, we can’t quite figure out your skin in this game. To let the guys playing the bar down the street know that your “Fly Like An Eagle” is the tightest in town? That all innovation ceased when Stevie Ray Vaughn coined the Texas Shuffle? Regardless, maybe send this one out to SRV. !