Between the Buried and Me

by Heather MacIntyre

Between the Buried and Me

Victory Records

I remember listening to Counting Crows and wondering about the connection between a line from their song “Ghost Train” and a local progressive metal core band I remembered. Singer Tommy Rogers confirmed the connection, and admitted to the sweet and mellow tune of Crow’s lyrics naming their own project: Between the Buried and Me. Rogers and guitarist Paul Waggoner are the pioneers of Winston-Salem’s very well-known heavy band, and the two have stayed through the years. Over time, there have been a few switch-ups with band members, but it seems like it’s been pretty steady and certain the last four years. Dan Briggs (bass), Blake Richardson (drums) and Dustie Waring (guitar) complete the official five and final members of the band. “There have been many alterations over time, for one reason or another, too many to think of, but no more though,” promises Rogers. When I asked about the evolution of BTBAM’s music due to the member changes, he replies, “An interesting thing with our sound is that each record sounds really different from each other. The older we get, the broader our sound becomes. A main goal for us is to progress with each release, so let the evolution continue.” And so it has from the beginning, when their love for music began. Growing up, the musicians were fans of ’80s metal concerts and pretty much anything heavy: Metallica, Pantera, Earth Crisis and Snapcase among the favorites. Now their music taste has veered a little more toward the likes of Radiohead, Queen, and Muse… while of course, staying true to some black metal. While spending time in the Triad, they find themselves devouring burritos at Moe’s in between band practices in Winston-Salem. And speaking of the Triad, who is their favorite group in the area? The melodic, nostalgic, and unfortunately defunct group that broke up a few years ago, Codeseven. They still hold a special place in their hearts — but now who holds the key? It looks like present-day favors lean on their buddies Giant (, with whom they have shared the stage and parts of tour over the last year.

But like most artists of a genre, there has to be some kind of multi-tasking in the works. This is where front man Rogers comes back into play with his new music-meets-threads collaboration with his friend Jake Troth. The apparel line is called Jacob Rogers (; so clever of course. The idea is to design clothes and then write new music to pair along with each shirt. Check it out for yourself — they already have a few up for sale. Though it may seem pricey at $25 a pop, each shirt ordered is sweatshop-free, comes with a free CD and free shipping. It’s a keen idea with a twist that won’t take too long to catch on even further. Clothes, albums, burritos and how about multimedia? Though music videos aren’t really their “thing,” they’ve just finished part one of a project for their fans. The guys shot a live DVD in Nashville last week, with what they exclaimed to be an amazing crowd, and possibly one of the best shows of their career. The DVD is complete by two sets, one being their last full-length album, Colors (which was release on my birthday last year, Sept. 18), and the other disc, a collection of older material (for fans of “old school” BTBAM). Both the band and fans are stoked on the release of this double whammy; the target date is in mid October. Until then, you dark metal fans will have to drive a few hours to catch them on a spot of their upcoming fall tour with Children of Bodom and Black Dahlia Murder, which begins on the infamous day of Sept. 11 (I’m sure it wasn’t on purpose) and carries for a full month, every night, with no stops. But if you don’t want to use up your gas, just wait a little longer… I have a hunch they will be playing a Triad show shortly following their return home.;