by Jordan Green

Monitoring the economic pulse of the Triad

Nonprofit agencies land Greensboro weatherization grants The city of Greensboro has received a $5 million award in federal stimulus funding from the US Department of Energy for building energy efficiency retrofits, according to information posted on the city’s ARRA Stimulus Funding webpage. The money is designated for the purpose of retrofitting 5,000 housing units and 125 nonresidential buildings for the purpose of making them more energy efficient and is expected to create about 100 local jobs, the project description indicates.

Part of the funds will be used for a community outreach and education program with a particular focus on the east side of the city. Ultimately, the goal of the program is to reduce energy consumption in targeted homes by at least 34 percent, and to make basic upgrades such as “replacing incandescent lights with compact fluorescent lights” and “installing programmable thermostats.”

Entrepreneurs interested in contracting with the city to implement the program may contact Dan Curry, acting director of the city’s department of housing and community development, at 336.373.2751.

Federal stimulus funds that have already trickled down through the city include

$104,371 to Enpulse Energy Conservation, a private business, for energy retrofits of lowincome homes;

$103,000 to the nonprofit agency Housing Greensboro for the repair of 35 low-income homes, resulting in the creation of one or two jobs;

$50,000 to the nonprofit agency Partnership Homes for the rehabilitation of six rental units;

$38,100 to Dale Tonkins for the construction of a circular walking path; and

$23,000 to the nonprofit agency Beloved Community Center for window replacement at its hospitality house on Arlington Street, resulting in the creation of five temporary construction jobs.