Bill Schatzman, Forsyth County Sheriff candidate

by Yes Weekly Election Coverage

Residential address: 3450 Kirklees Road, Winston-Salem, NC27104

Incumbent or challenger? Incumbent

Age: [Incomplete]

Campaign website orblog:

Occupation andemployer: Forsyth County Sheriff

Previous elective experience (including election campaigns): Forsyth County Sheriff, 2003-present

Civic and volunteer experience (including service on local governmentcommissions and boards): [Incomplete]

Education (highest degree attainedand name of institution): Bachelors degree, Quinnipiac University in Hamben, Conn.

Party registration: Republican

Where were you born? New Haven, Conn.

Whendid you move to Winston-Salem?1978

Paid consultants working on campaign? Horn& Stronach, marketing and advertising

Campaign manager: Ken Carlson

Treasurer: Steve Mathis

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