Blu Margarita has great food and great values

by Charles Womack


Owner Luis Torres has opened one heck of a cool restaurant. Blu, a beautiful, new Mexican restaurant serves traditional Mexican cuisine with an upper level of style and class.

Located in the former Ganache Restaurant and Bakery, the cool, unique exterior design of the building and the beautifully decorated interior immediately tell you this is not your typical Mexican place.

First thing you notice is the hostess station with the decorative logo and easy blue color as the hostess welcomes you and takes you to your table.

Depending on which side of the restaurant you’re placed, you could have the good fortune of walking by the massive showcase filled with freshly made cakes, pies, cupcakes, bread and more. It’s pretty overwhelming, but seeing this can help you make a mental note to definitely save some room for dessert.

Once seated, you are promptly delivered a basket of hot, fresh tortilla chips sided with a fresh tasting salsa. This is the start of a great meal.

The menu is pretty large and impressive, but pricing is very reasonable. In fact my college-aged son commented that he could afford to eat here on his tight budget and bring his girlfriend.

I ordered the carne asada lunch special, priced at $10.95. This traditional Mexican dish is tender flank steak that’s been marinated and grilled and is served with poblano rice and mixed vegetables. In addition to the regular menu, Blu has a separate gourmet taco menu that features about 10 specialty tacos. With my server’s recommendation, I ordered the grilled shrimp taco. My lunch and my snack were both delicious.

My wife, Gracie, one of my dining partners, went with a light order and asked for the tortilla soup. The sopa de tortilla, priced at $4.95, was a comprised of chicken and vegetable stock and was garnished with chile pasilla, fresh cheese and tortillas.

She is now a fan. My oldest son, Alex, couldn’t resist ordering steak fajitas. His big plate, priced at $7.95, was filled with grilled onions, peppers, tomatoes and plenty of steak for three big, self-made soft tacos. It was served with Mexican rice, refried beans, lettuce, guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo.

It was when the check arrived and he asked how much was his, that he smiled with satisfaction on how reasonably priced it had been. !


WANNA GO? Blu Margarita Mexican Cuisine, Bakery and Spirits, 403 N. Elm St., Greensboro, 336.272.5235,