Bonnie Trapp

by Brian Clarey

We feature all kinds here on Page Three: models, waiters, bartenders, business owners, artists, regular working stiffs, students, teachers, performers and just about anyone else who catches our fancy. And every one of them, we believe, has something unique and important to say even if they don’t think so themselves. Take this week’s model, Bonnie Trapp, who genuinely feels that she’s not all that interesting. “I work,” she says, “I raise my kids, I grab a beer once in a while ands that’s about it.” Nonsense, we say. There’s definitely more to her than that. For instance, she’s originally from Alpena, Mich. and moved to Greensboro about a year ago with her two daughters, Hannah and Mallorie. She likes it here, as do her girls, and she (unlike so many others we’ve interviewed) plans to stick around a while, perhaps finish her degree at UNCG. And that’s far from boring. “Tell them I like to have fun,” she says. “Especially with my kids.”