Box Lunch and Catering

Harper’s at The Friendly Center has been a landmark restaurant in the Greensboro area for the past 17 years and has always been considered a great place to hold a business lunch. With a flair for classic American dining, Harper’s has always provided quality food and top-notch service. Now the quality that has been at Friendly Center for so many years is now available for delivery to your office.

Box lunches and catering are two things that Harper’s offers, bringing fresh options for luncheons or simply having lunch delivered to the office. With the box lunch program, there is a great variety of meals available. Classic club sandwiches and more health-conscious oriental wraps are just a few of the options. In addition to wraps and sandwiches, there are great varieties of salads and side items that can customize your in-office dining experience. All of these box lunches are available for pickup or delivery.

If you are in the market for a catered brunch, luncheon or office party, Harper’s at Friendly Center also provides full catering services. Whether you want to have an event catered that is casual or fine dining, Harper’s can customize the menu to suit your needs. All of these things bring a fresh and dynamic choice to your dining experiences. For more information, visit Harper’s at Friendly Center, or call 336.299.8850. Menus and more can be found at www.