Boxbomb’s live shows make you believe in R&R

by Heather MacIntyre

With all original members, it’s been about five years since the band started in North Carolina’s Bull City. They’ve worked, lived, traveled and hung out together throughout the years, and still managed to not tire out any friendships or sparks of musical interest, displaying patience in creation and collaboration. The age of these musicians ranges from early to mid-twenties but it seems they all have old souls when it comes to earlier influences. Ryan (lead vocalist/guitar) grew up in the church scene, so his first exposure to music was through religion. But as he grew up, he went through his MXPX stage (didn’t we all?), and his father bought him a Jimi Hendrix CD. They currently all listen to a wide range of music – everything from Arcade Fire, Bob Dylan, the Black Keys, M83, Kings of Leon and the Felice Brothers to practically dancing naked to the new Madonna record outside. Their recent album released on Tragic Hero entitled My Obsession received 3.5 out of 4 in Alternative Press and rave reviews in a number of other publications. But for these guys it came naturally. Most of the songs were written within the year and the recording was all tracked within a week and a half;it’s easy when you know exactly what you want and enjoy whom you are working for. “Our favorite thing about [Tragic Hero] is the owner, Tommy LaCombe; he is such a great dude,” Ryan adds thankfully. “Which by the way is really hard to find in his line of business.”

Boxbomb has always been a huge supporter of local music. Most of their fellow stage mates and buddies are from the Triad and Chapel Hill area. Realistically, they’d like to tour with House of Fools (

“Their live show will make you believe in rock and rock again,” Ryan says.

But the band has already shared stages friends like Roman Candle, Old Ceremony, Josh Moore, Max Indie, Telescreen and He Is Legend.

A few of the members have side projects as well. Justin, Ryan and Rob play with a group called the Sundowners, and Rosean and Justin each have solo projects they’ve been working on. Their new album is hard and heavy, with a great rock arrangement. They are currently finishing up an East Coast tour, and they will share the stage in Greensboro on June 27 with Telescreen at Greene Street (