Breakfast of Course! hits all the right notes

by Keith Barber

An egg-white vegetarian omelet served with hash browns and a side of wheat toast with apple butter at Breakfast of Course is a perfect late-night meal. (photo by Keith T. Barber)

For late night denizens of Winston-Salem’s bar and club scene, Breakfast of Course! (Mary’s Too) is an oasis of delicious, healthy food at affordable prices. The neon green “BOC” sign affixed to the brick edifice of the restaurant serves as a beacon for patrons of the Trade Street bars. Breakfast of Course is the latest incarnation of Mary’s Of Course, the café formerly located off Brookstown Avenue that drew rave reviews from patrons and food critics alike. Last year, Mary’s Of Course won honorable mention in YES!

Weekly’s Best of the Triad readers poll in both the “Best Breakfast” and “Best Brunch” categories.

Mary Haglund, owner and head chef, has transformed an old tobacco warehouse into a cozy, inviting restaurant with fantastic atmosphere. Upon entering the restaurant, one notices the comfortable booths, table lamps and artistic light fixtures that give the whole place a warm glow. There is no hostess, which fits with the informal feel of the place. Diners are encouraged to sit wherever they like, and within a few moments, are greeted by the ‘ber-friendly wait staff.

Specials are handwritten on small chalkboards for diners to study while drink orders are taken. On a recent night, specials included tomato-basil soup, New Mexican brunch and Ranchero enchiladas.

When asked about the ingredients of the ranchero sauce, a waitress went to the kitchen to gather information and returned with an answer.

I ordered an egg white vegetarian omelet with a side of hash browns and wheat toast. When I asked if my omelet could be cooked in olive oil rather than butter, the waitress replied, “Absolutely.”

After a bit of research, I learned that Haglund started a tradition of displaying the work of local artists at her Mary’s of Course location 10 years ago. During the construction of Breakfast of Course last year, Haglund selected local artists to decorate the vast space, according to the restaurant’s website.

The menu at Breakfast of Course is simple and straightforward. One side of the menu features signature sandwiches, including Apple Butter Baby; the full Monte Cristo, which is a spin on the delicatessen favorite served on cinnamon swirl French toast; the Crispy Madame, another black forest ham delicacy topped with a fried egg; the One-Eyed Jack hamburger, a hormone and antibiotic-free burger topped with a sunnyside up egg; and the Breakfast Club, a BLT with a fried egg, avocado and pesto mayo. The other side of the menu includes lunch items like appetizers, salads, soup, salad and sandwich combinations, brunch specials, and a la carte items.

Breakfast “specialities” include omelets, egg scrambles and eggs Benedict with at least a dozen choices of meats, cheeses and veggies. Sweet breakfast specialities include cinnamon swirl French toast and buckwheat pancakes with a choice of a dozen toppings.

Mary’s of Course has long been famous for its delicious side items.

For example, the reason the grits are so tasty is they’re stone-ground grits from a local mill. Local food tastes better, and Breakfast of Course supports local businesses by buying fresh ingredients and preparing everything from scratch.

After a few minutes, my dinner arrived. The omelet was heavenly, the hash browns toasty and tender. The apple butter tasted as if it had been made that very day. My most recent visit secured the restaurant’s reputation as serving the healthiest, most delicious comfort food in the area. Although revelers in downtown Winston-Salem love the late-night hours, Breakfast of Course is the perfect choice for diners anytime of day.

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