Brittany Allen

by Brian Clarey

It’s the time of year here in Greensboro when the city becomes inundated with comely coeds who storm the ivy-covered halls that are seemingly everywhere in this town. But this week’s Page Three model has been here most of her life. Brittany Allen grew up here, graduated from Greensboro Middle College and went on to study at Guilford College. “I like it here,” she says while lazing on one of the benches outside Dana Auditorium. “It’s a private school; it’s small and there are a lot of interesting people.” She digs the Quaker angle, too. Though she’s starting her junior year, she’s currently unsure of her major. “Art or business,” she says. “I don’t know. What am I gonna do with an art degree? I want to go to grad school. I might try UNCG.” As she climbs the ladder of higher education she pays the bills by cleaning houses. “It pays,” she says. “Who likes to clean, really? But it pays the bills.” We can’t argue with that.