Burger’s bit o’ blarney and a special screening at UNCG

by Mark Burger

Kenny Lindsay must have run out of people to call when he dialed my number to invite me to the St. Patrick’s Day celebration Saturday at one of Winston-Salem’s most popular downtown destinations, Finnegan’s Wake. It was too good an invitation to pass up. That four-mile jog on the treadmill will have to wait for another night.

The weather, alas, wasn’t terribly cooperative, but that didn’t seem to dampen the spirits of those in attendance.

YES! Weekly proved to be well represented at the event; in addition to Lindsay and myself, the inimitable Foxy Moxy was also on hand, spectacularly adorned in green body paint and not much else. She and her friend Robin displayed their artistic abilities by painting some of the other partygoers green. Given the collective, high-spirited vibe, surely no one was feeling blue!

Like Lindsay and me, Foxy Moxy hasn’t a drop of Irish blood in her – “but I do have some Irish liquor in me!” she admitted with a laugh. This is her second St. Patrick’s bash at Finnigan’s Wake, where she also works part time as a bartender – and she’s already looking forward to next year. No doubt she’ll have a saucy surprise in store!

Revelers were also treated to a shot of Irish whiskey at 8 p.m., in addition to the other spirits consumed throughout the evening. There was even a funeral procession with live bagpipe accompaniment, an acutal Finnegan’s wake, to further commemorate St. Patrick’s Day, which is a national holiday in the Republic of Ireland but not here in the United States.

Outside in the parking lot, a party tent had been erected to accommodate the throngs of partiers and live music. The spirits were high but the people stayed dry (on the outside, anyway).

All told, a good time that we’ll never forget… if only we could remember.

Hope to see you all there next year!

In yet another example of the burgeoning filmmaking continent in the area, next week there will be a special screening of Michael Frierson and Michael Murphy’s documentary Clarence John Laughlin: An Artist With a Camera, at 7 p.m. on March 28 at the Elliot University Center Auditorium, located on the lovely campus of UNCG, at 320 College Ave. in Greensboro.

The film is a profile of the renowned photographer, writer and architectural preservationist. Originally from New Orleans, Laughlin (1905-1985) made it his life’s work to document the cultural, social and spiritual landscape of 20th-century America. A complex, sometimes conflicted man in his personal life, Laughlin left behind a treasure trove of images and ideas, and his work continues to be exhibited worldwide.

Frierson, who is an associate professor in the Department of Broadcasting and Cinema (and a UNCG alumnus), spent more than two decades producing the film, and will be on hand to discuss the film and Laughlin’s work. Best of all, admission is free!

For more information about this event, e-mail or