Burly-Q brings the fringe to Fringe Festival

by Chris Lowrance

Perusing the list of Fringe Festival events, you might say to yourself “Sure, this is different. Maybe even unique. But fringe?”

“Fringe” implies something. It’s not just the edge – it’s the frilly bit, elegant but charmingly tattered. It’s the absolute farthest away from the center you can get without tipping off into the ether, and the ground is always fraying beneath your feet. There’s the omnipresent risk you’ve already gone too far, and one more lost thread will carry you off with it.

Greensboro doesn’t have a fringe. But the ladies and gents of Cabaret Risqué might get you a little closer.

The troupe, composed of the Triad’s most popular cabaret acts will present “The ValenTease Burlesque Show” as part of the Fringe Festival next month. Pulled together by YES! Weekly fav Foxy Moxy, the show will feature Patika Star’s Ember*Ellas, about a half-dozen bump’n’grinders and “atomic-jazz-chanteuse-goddess” PhatManDee. No, we don’t know what that means either, but she’s from Burning Man so it should be cool.

Cabaret-comics Ukulele Mike and Pajama Don will also be there, but we won’t hold that against anyone.

One more thing. The show’s “adults only.” I’m surprised, aren’t you?