Bush flies over the cuckoo’s nest

by Ogi Overman

Question: Is it possible that one person can be wrong about everything? As the saying goes, even a blind hog finds an acorn once in a while, so one would expect that even someone as intransigent and obtuse as President Whatzisbush would stumble upon an issue where he could make a correct decision every now and then. My God, man, flip a coin.

I continue to be stunned and staggered at the enormity of his misguided decision-making. The toll he is taking on us as a country and us as a planet are beyond comprehension. It is not overstating the case to admit that the Duh is perhaps the worst choice this country could have made from among every person running for the office in both 2000 and ’04. Lordy, how did we get to this point and, more importantly, what can we do to correct the course he has charted for us?

It’s tragic enough that one person can miss the boat on literally every issue that crosses his path, but I swear he seems to go out of his way to find areas in which he can blunder. Why even bring up red herrings like intelligent design or gay marriage or, well, for that matter, Iraq? How can you block stem cell research, try to privatize social security, deny global warming and insist (until the mid-term elections) that we were winning in Iraq and expect to have any credibility? He’s become our own Baghdad Bob (remember him?)

Oh, he also snuck one in last Tuesday by lifting the ban on offshore drilling in Bristol Bay, Alaska, which is only the nation’s richest fishing grounds and critical habitat to many endangered species. (We’ll weigh in on that one next week, since the media was in such a frenzy over the surge speech, they basically ignored it.)

And, lest we forget, the Duh has carved out a special place for himself in Blunderland with such gems as yellowcake uranium, “heck of a job” Brownie, Harriet Myers, Terri Schiavo, Rummy, “mission accomplished,” WMD, Gitmo, warrentless wiretaps, overseas torture camps, compassionate conservatism, “a mushroom cloud,” unfathomable budget deficits, “The Pet Goat,” signing waivers, the clear skies initiative, Valerie Plame and, crimony, wearing a wire and getting spoon-fed answers during a presidential debate.

Tragically, Bush has gone past the point of being misguided, dishonest and wrong, having officially entered the realm of delusional. If you saw that pathetic speech and read between the lines, you probably noticed that the troop surge was merely the excuse to begin laying the groundwork for a broader war on Iran and Syria. By firing the first shot across the bow, he has crossed over into an area where not just his judgment but also his sanity must be questioned.

Even as it becomes obvious very quickly that the 20,000 or so additional troops have not improved the situation in Iraq, he will shift the argument to the threat posed by Iran’s desire for nuclear power. He will try to sell it with essentially the same argument he made for Iraq, merely filling in the blanks with a different threat, different zealot dictator, same harboring-terrorists claim, same mushroom cloud, etc. Not one diplomatic effort will have been made, not one olive branch extended, not one conciliatory gesture offered. His shoot-first-and-sort-’em-out-later policy will have been replicated. His exit strategy for Iraq will be to invade Iran.

As the Sizzling Seventeen and very few others are aware, I’ve been beating the impeachment drum since August 2001, to no avail. But now I think we’ve finally given him enough rope to hang himself. America has finally come to the realization that their commander in chief is, by any objective measure, delusional, paranoiac and seriously out of touch with the world around him.

All the charges put forth in the scholarly volume by the Center for Constitutional Studies, The Case for Impeachment Against George W. Bush, will have been rendered moot by the overriding fact that he is unstable, mentally incompetent, legally insane and therefore unfit to hold office. The charges of malfeasance, abuse of power, incompetence and intentional dishonesty may have caused a protracted debate and been difficult to prove, but Bush is now leaving a trail of Hansel and Gretel crumbs that lead straight to the loony bin. This guy is in effect voluntarily committing himself to the cuckoo’s nest.

It will have become a non-partisan issue by the time the saber-rattling gets more intense. Once-loyal Republicans will be forced to concede that it’s time to put their boy out to pasture before he can do any truly irreversible damage.

But here’s a chilling thought: If he’s crazy, what does that make us? We elected him. Twice.

Well… I didn’t.

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