Busted: Best of the blotter

by Amy Kingsley

‘­Paper chase Earlyon the morning of June 27, Fred Knott, 66, flagged down a policeofficer at the corner of New Walkertown Road and Northampton Drive andreported a robbery. Knott had been delivering copies of theWinston-Salem Journal when he was approached by two black malesbrandishing a sawed-off shotgun and demanding money. Their vehicledrove off in the direction of Old Walkertown Road. Knott was notinjured in the incident, and the investigation is ongoing. Clean and jerk Winston-Salempolice officers arrested Timothy Lamont Cobb, 30, on June 25 andcharged him with assault with a deadly weapon for striking hisneighbor, Timothy Marshall, with a weightlifting bar. When officersresponded to Marshall’s apartment on Akron Drive, they located thevictim lying on the floor with a gash over his right eye. The victim,who was conscious at the time, fingered his neighbor Cobb in theattack. Emergency medical technicians transported Marshall to BaptistHospital where he was listed in stable condition. Police took Cobb tothe Forsyth County Detention Center, where he is being held under a$30,000 bond. Road ragin’ Greensboro police are onthe lookout for a black male in his mid-twenties after a close call onBusiness 85 on June 28 turned violent. The suspect allegedly swervedinto the next lane, nearly striking a work truck, according to thepolice report. The driver of the truck reportedly honked, provoking anobscene gesture from the suspect, the report continued. Then thesuspect pulled alongside the truck and fired a single bullet into theleft rear window. The truck driver was unharmed. The victim said thesuspect was driving a blue car, possibly a Chrysler Sebring, withchrome wheels.’­