by Jordan Green

The best and worst of Triad police blotters, as compiled by Jordan Green


Joseph Hernandez, 24, John Hernandez, 23, and Carolina Cunningham, 24, left Littlejohns Tavern late in the evening of Feb. 9, and went over to the parking lot of Paul’s Restaurant on Robinhood Road in Winston-Salem, where they began fighting with restaurant owner Giampaolo Perello, 67, and several patrons: Josual Averill, 28, Joseph Macalpine Jr., 23, Adam Thomas, 49, Richard Weinberg, 54, and Leslie Kirk, 49. By the time the first police officer arrived on the scene, the patrons had retreated inside and the two Hernandezes reportedly continued to administer a beating to Perrello. The officer reportedly drew his taser and attempted to detain the three assailants until backup could get there by telling them to stop fighting and stay where they were. All three tried to flee. The officer tased John Hernandez and took him into custody. Cunningham reportedly tried to intervene, and she too was arrested. Cunningham was charged with resist/obstruct/delay. Joseph Hernandez fled and was captured a short distance away by officers arriving on the scene. Perrello was taken to Baptist Medical Center and treated for injuries. The three suspects were variously charged with felony assault on a handicapped person, assault inflicting serious injury, affray, disorderly conduct, simple assault and resist/ obstruct/delay.