by Jordan Green


Greensboro police report that a motorist suspectedof committing fraud at a State Employees’Credit Union died after losing control of hervehicle while fleeing the police around noonon April 24. A credit union employee called thepolice at 12:17 p.m. to report a possible felony by32-year-old Angealize Kendall involving the useof stolen identification to cash a check at thedrive-thru at Muirs Chapel Road. A respondingpatrol officer located Kendall’s vehicle in theparking lot and activated the blue lights to initiatea stop. Kendall stepped on the gas and flednorthbound on Muirs Chapel Road. Less than amile from the credit union Kendall lost controlof the speeding vehicle and drove off the road,striking multiple trees. Kendall was pronounceddead at the scene by EMS.


The Guilford County Sheriff’s Office raidedthe home of Umberto Almazan Rubio onWatlington Drive in Greensboro and discoveredthat it was being used for cockfighting andraising roosters for the illegal sport. Deputieslocated medication to make the birds larger andstronger, and antibiotics to heal injured birds.They also found tethers anchored to the groundand bands around the legs of the birds for thetether connection. Deputies said the roosterswere kept in 3-foot cages in poor conditions.Animal control seized 100 chickens, includingroosters, hens and chicks. Rubio has beencharged with two felony charges includingcockfighting and altering the serial numbers ona firearm and one misdemeanor charge of animalcruelty. Rubio is being held in the GuilfordCounty Jail under a $25,000 bond and with anICE immigration detainer.


The Guilford County Sheriff’s Office charged38-year-old Terrance Anthony Brown of BrownsSummit with two counts of common-law robberyon April 26. The sheriff’s office said in apress release that Brown would typically targetelderly victims at grocery stores, follow themand bump them with his car. Once the elderlydriver stopped to inspect the damage, Brownwould reportedly rob them.


A Hispanic man and woman were seen exitinga silver minivan and arguing in the parking lot of aclosed business area around midnight on April 30in the 1900 block of Waughtown Street in Winston-Salem. The man got back in the van and left thearea, and the woman remained in the parking lot.Soon afterwards, the van returned. A witness toldpolice that the man started to beat the womanand force her back in the van. The woman reportedlyescaped the van and tried to remove a smallchild from the rear passenger area. The witnesssaid the man accelerated out of the parking lotwith the woman still inside the passenger area ofthe van. The man is described as about 5-feet-11,weighing 200 pounds with very short spiked hair.He is believed to be between 25 and 30 years ofage. Anyone with information about this crime isasked to call CrimeStoppers at 336.727.2800.