Accessory apprehended Winston-Salempolice officers arrested Eunice Sarahi Rosales, 16, last week foraiding and abetting a May 28 robbery at the Motel Six on PattersonAvenue. Rosales and the victim retired to a motel room shortly aftermeeting, heard a knock and were approached by several men brandishinghandguns who came through the window and door. The suspects hit thevictim in the head with a handgun and fled in his car. Detectives withthe crim inal investigations division determined that Rosales wasinvolved in the incident and charged her with robbery with a dangerousweapon, according to the press release.

Close call Awoman living in the 2400 block of Waughtown Street in Winston-Salemrepelled an attempted sexual assault shortly af ter midnight on July31. The attack occurred when she stepped out of her car. The suspect —described as a white male with a beer belly, short dirty blond hair,dark eyes, a mustache and a goatee — grabbed her from behind andattempted to sexually assault her. The victim fought him off andsustained a minor in jury in the process. Anyone with information aboutthis crime can call Crimestoppers at 336.727.2800.

What desperate times call for Greensboropolice are looking for a suspect in a July 29 bank robbery at the Bankof America at 6930 W. Market St. A white male standing approximatelysix-foot-three approached the teller armed with a handgun a few minutesbefore 5 p.m. He demanded money, which he received, and fled in anunknown direction, according to a department press release. Anyone withinformation about this crime may call the Greensboro Police Department. Victimless crime Winston-Salempolice responding to a reported assault on July 30 at the intersectionof Goldfloss Street and Thomasville Road in Winston-Salem discoveredthat both the suspect and the victim had fled the scene. A crowd ofwitnesses told police they’d seen a black man between 40 and 50 yearsold beating another man with a metal pipe. The victim eventually turnedup in the emergency room at Forsyth Hospital and was transported to Baptist Hospital with critical injuries. Police are accepting informationabout this crime through Crimestoppers.

Daddy’s girl Winston-Salempolice responded to the Forsyth Hospital emergency room on July 30 totake a report from a man who was shot defending his daughter fromintruders at her Forest Hills home. The victim received a call from hisdaughter, who said she was scared because someone was outside herresidence. He drove over and encountered an Isuzu Trooper occupied bytwo black men. One got out, started yelling, and fired several shotsinto the air. In the ensuing struggle, the victim sustained gunshotwounds to the back, arm and stomach, according to a press release. Hiswounds were not life threatening.

Total honesty Twomen and one woman in their early twenties reported a home invasion onJuly 28 on Walker Avenue in Greensboro in which electronics, wallets,cash and marijuana were stolen, ac cording to a police press release.One of the victims answered a knock at the door that allowed four armedsuspects — one white female, two white males and one black male — toforce their way in. One suspect fired into the wall and another struckone of the victims with the butt of his gun.