by Amy Kingsley

Crystal caper

Greensboro’s criminal element must be reading the business pages, which recently featured word that homegrown flatware supplier Replacements, Ltd. is expanding. Why else would they target CEO Robert Page’s Willoughby Boulevard residence? Page called police early on Aug. 16 to report a break-in at his house, and when officers responded, they apprehended James Edward Miles, 33. Miles had driven a stolen Bluebird cab to Page’s house, which he entered through the back. A police press release did not say whether Miles was on the hunt for a particular china pattern or goblet style when he entered Page’s home.

Trapped in the closet

Greensboro police officers responding to a break-in on Pisgah Church Road on Sunday discovered the culprit cowering in a bathroom closet. When officers reached the house, they determined that the suspect had entered and locked the doors, so they used tracking dog to hunt down Marquie Gunter, 17, in the aforementioned closet. The police placed him under arrest.

A close call

A clerk at the Fairview Inn suffered the scare of a lifetime on Aug. 16 when a suspect described as a black male put a knife to her neck and demanded money. Before he returned with a weapon, the suspect had entered the airport-area business to ask for change, which the clerk dispensed. He returned 15 minutes later to rob her. Greensboro police are investigating.

Domestic disturbance

Darren Christopher Spainhour, 44, sparked a three-and-a-half standoff with Winston-Salem police on Aug. 16 after he waved a gun at his estranged wife and refused to respond to commands. Spainhour violated a domestic violence protection order when he entered the residence, according to a police press release. He discharged his gun inside and outside the house during a confrontation with his wife, who was able to escape with her 10- and 15-year-old sons. After several hours, the Winston-Salem Police Department Special Enforcement and Crisis Negotiation teams convinced Spainhour to exit the residence without further incident.

CSI: Greensboro

Greensboro police nabbed a suspect last week linked by DNA evidence to a 2002 sexual assault that occurred in the area around UNCG. Anthony Jermaine Powell, 37, was already incarcerated on unrelated charges when test results from the State Bureau of Investigation lab implicated him in the attack, which was one of several that occurred over the course of two years. A coalition of state investigators, Greensboro police and UNCG police are examining evidence from other sexual assaults to determine whether Powell might be involved.