CELEBRITY EXTRAI read in a gossip magazinethat Mel Gibson wasphotographed on a beach inCosta Rica not too long agowith someone other than hiswife. Please tell me we are notlosing another longstandingHollywood couple to divorce.— Courtney J., Allentown, Pa.I wish I wasn’t the bearerof bad news for you, butit appears that anotherHollywood couple is indeedheaded for divorce court. OnApril 9, Robyn Moore filedfor divorce from Mel after28 years of marriage, citing“irreconcilable differences.”Robyn’s court filing does notstate the date of separation;however, Mel has listed the dateas Aug. 26, 2006 — a month afterhis drunk-driving arrest.Mel’s representative releasedthis statement on behalf of thecouple: “Throughout our marriageand separation we have alwaysstrived to maintain the privacyand integrity of our family and willcontinue to do so.” The Gibsons share sevenchildren, with only one (Tom, 10) still a minor.***I’ve been watching the seventh season of“Beverly Hills, 90210” on DVD recently, andI wondered if you could tell me what JasonPriestley has been up to lately. — Drew inOregonThis past winter, Jason, 39, returned tohis old ZIP code to direct an episode of therevamped “90210,” which aired earlier thismonth. While he has not said no to the idea— as he told me, “I never say never” — heis not scheduled to appear onscreen on theshow in the near future. A few months back,he played Earl’s cousin in a hilarious, againsttyperole on an episode of “My Name Is Earl.”He also recently starred in a Hallmark Channelmovie called “Expecting a Miracle.” Speakingof expecting, Jason and his wife, Naomi, areexpecting child No. 2 later this year, joiningalmost-2-year-old daughter, Ava. ***How many times has Angelina Jolie beenmarried, and to whom? — HF in Decatur,Ala. The 33-year-old daughter of actors JonVoight and the late Marcheline Bertrand hasbeen married twice — to Johnny Lee Millerfrom 1996-1999 and Billy Bob Thornton from2000-2003. She has been with her currentpartner, Brad Pitt — with whom she shares sixchildren, three biological and three adopted —since 2005; however, they are not married. ***I would appreciate any informationyou could give me on an old movie called“Johnny Concho” starring Frank Sinatra.This was a really good movie, but I never seeanything on it anymore. — Paul K., NorthPort, Fla.“Johnny Concho” was a great 1956 Westernstarring Ol’ Blue Eyes, along with WilliamConrad, Phyllis Kirk and Claude Akins. Thiswas a breakthrough performance for Frank,because at 40, he was finally given the chanceto play against type as the villain, JohnnyConcho. This is a highly underrated film thatdeserves a chance at a second life on DVD.
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