by Britt Chester

Upcoming shows you should check out

LIONIZE[ Friday, Oct. 10, Greene St. Club, Greensboro ‘· 336.273.4111 ]

Every now and then a band comes along and plays a riff that makes you want to put on your headphones and light up a joint. Lionize is that band. Proclaiming that it is, in fact “groove-heavy stoner rock,” Lionize sets itself apart from other bands like Slightly Stoopid and Pepper with well-rounded jams that don’t lean too heavy on the Rasta styles or the island life. Instead, Lionize fuses multiple genre elements into one cohesive amalgamation of metal, roots and funk. Between the vocals of Nate Bergman, Chris Brooks and Henry Upton, the three Maryland guys (Tim Sult of Clutch also plays with Lionize when scheduling permits), manage to deliver an organized set of quality groove music, albeit rock ‘n’ roll. It’s not even that the cards are stacked against them because in all reality, the sum of the parts is always going to be popular: It’s rock ‘n’ roll, metal, funk and a spice of the islands that just gives it that laid back feel.


[ Thursday, Oct. 9, 6th and Vine, Winston-Salem ‘· 336.725.5577 ]

DJ SK takes place behind the wheels of steel every Thursday to deliver eclectic mix of reggae, electro, hip-hop, and generally anything that can get your body moving on a weeknight. Although the ambiance at 6th and Vine dances on the line between casual wine bar and fine dining, DJ SK turns the place into a lounge-y dancehall to prime the crowd for the upcoming weekend. Care to sip a cabernet sauvignon while nodding along to 125 BPMs of dancehall tracks? Or how about imbibing one of 6 th and Vine’s signature cocktails while throwback Dr. Dre beats soundtrack your night? No genre is safe while DJ SK is mixing up the records, but it is a safe bet that he’ll keep you grooving until you realize there is another 24 hours until the weekend starts.


[ Friday & Saturday, Oct. 10-11, The Garage, Winston-Salem ‘· 336.777.1127 ] Benefiting the Winston-Salem Family Services organization, FemFest 2014 is a two-day music festival raising awareness for domestic violence and sexual assault. Both nights will offer lineups of female dominated/supported acts, culling talent from Winston-Salem, Raleigh and Greensboro. Friday and Saturday night promise a slew of acts including Jews and Catholics, Dumpster, Aquatic Ceremony Alicia Bullard, Daddy Issues, Screaming by Me, Molly Grace, Billie Feather and Pie Face Girls. There will also be raffles, video presentations,and information about Winston-Salem Family Services available at the show. Tickets for the event are available for purchase at the door for $10 each night or $15 for both nights.


Oct. 10, Dance Hall Daze, Kernersville ‘· 336.558.7204 ]The Delmonicos got their start roughly ten years ago, and the band has gone through many iterations since their inception. Founding member Tony McGuire is joined on stage by his wife and vocalist, Nancy, along with Scott Duffy on synth and keys, Rick Hodges laying down the beat on the drums and Russ McIntire leading with the six string. The Delmonicos cover a wide variety of music with one goal in mind: To get the entire venue on its feet and keep it dancing until the music stops. The band covers everything from beach rock to country, meaning you can shag, sway, stomp and gyrate or get a group of friends and kick your heels in a line dance. The Delmonicos have recently moved over to Dance Hall Daze with plans to make it a mainstay for next year. !