by Britt Chester

Upcoming shows you should check out


Wednesday-Sunday, Nov. 19-23, Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, 336.373.7474

When it was first announced that Garth Brooks would be coming to Greensboro, the energy was palpable. Here is one of country music’s greatest performers of all time coming to the Coliseum for two nights. Then it was three nights. Then it was announced that Garth Brooks would be playing his only five nights in Greensboro at the Coliseum. There is probably less than you can count on one hand the amount of artists that can play five nights and expect sell-out crowds to show up, and Garth Brooks is one of the first you would name. In recent press, Garth was seen gifting his personal guitar to a fan who had undergone chemotherapy the morning of the show “” this is the level of dedication that he has to his fans. Tickets for Garth Brooks are all over the map (we saw some going for upwards of $10,000) but you can plan to spend around $75-$200 for decent seats “¦ if you haven’t already purchased. Trisha Yearwood will be serenading the crowd beforehand, and you don’t want to miss her angelic vocals priming you for the rolling thunder.


Tuesday, Nov. 25, Ziggy’s, Winston-Salem, 336.722.5000

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone over the age of 18 that doesn’t recognize “The Crimson Ghost” logo “” the black and white rudimentary skull possessing a half smile “” from the Misfits. Perhaps one of the most iconic punk bands to emerge from the 1970s, the hardcore super group has taken the horror punk lifestyle to another level. The band has gone through multiple iterations since inception in 1977 “” Glenn Danzig is no longer growling the vocals “” but Jerry Only remains as the only original member of the group. Since 1977, more than a dozen rock stars have claimed membership of the Misfits (Marky Ramone, drummer of the Ramones, briefly slapped the skins for the act), and it now stands that Only covers the vocals and bass, Dez Cadena keeps things going on the electric six string, and Eric “Chupacabra” Ace handles the drumkit. Tickets for the show start at $20 (adv) and $25 (day of show). Born Hollow and Wolves (x4) are the supporting acts for the night.


Friday, Nov. 21, Community Arts Café, Winston-Salem, 336.793.8000

The Fiddle and Bow Society of Winston-Salem will be celebrating four years of presenting singers and songwriters from the Triad and beyond this coming January, but until then, they are bestowing wonderful sonic gifts to the community. Ellis Paul, a touring musician with more than twenty years under his belt, is on deck to deliver his songwriting and singing skills, which have received positive critical acclaim from some of the most prominent music news outlets. Having grown up in the northeast, Paul’s music brags influence from the folk legends of the deep south while maintaining the integrity of solo Yankee musician. His storytelling skills could easily translate to a cappella reminiscence, but his versatility on the guitar and his ability to inflect true emotion into his sound is what has managed to set him apart for so long. Tickets to the show are $20 ($18 for Fiddle & Bow/Community Arts Café members) and Chris Trapper will be providing the supporting music for the evening. This current tour, for Paul at least, is in support of his latest album, Chasing Beauty, which is available through his website and on iTunes. !