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Late in August, Trioscapes dropped their sophomore record, a five-track ride through the most disparate corners of jazz fusion called Digital Dream Sequence. As it happened, it landed in one of the most unlikely places — near the top of both the Billboard and iTunes Traditional Jazz Charts. Just ahead of them on the Billboard end was cornball crooner extraordinaire Michael Bublé, and on the iTunes chart was the just-okay crossover collaboration between Tony Bennett and Lady GaGa. Aside from possessing a similar bass/drums/horns/vibes arrangement, their positioning near Digital Dream Sequence may as well be a repeat of Birds of Fire cutting in under Dueling Banjos. But it had to go somewhere, even if it’s as non-traditional as a “jazz” record can get. From Dan Briggs’ white-knuckle bass runs in the opening title track to Walter Fancourt’s Dana-Colley-on-speed passages on the epic closer “The Jungle”, Digital Dream Sequence is both savage and refined. Briggs is more widely known as the bassist for prog-metal outfit Between the Buried and Me, where his marathon overtures belie their composed nature. With Trioscapes, that control gives way to aggro improvisation. Fancourt, a Brand New Life regular and occasional Reptar/Landlady sideman, steps away from his Afrobeat comfort zone to scorch the earth via saxophone (and yes, metal flute). They create chaos, but it all occurs within the hyperactive beat patterns of drummer Matt Lynch. The band will hold the official release for the LP on Sunday at the Crown at the Carolina Theatre — only their second hometown show this year — alongside a similarly categorically-elusive duo, the Bronzed Chorus, who could hold their own with anyone. Cover is $8 and the show begins at 8 p.m.



Though it wasn’t particularly well reviewed or highly rated, David Simon’s post- Katrina, post-“The Wire” drama “Treme” will likely enjoy a new life as a requisite binge-watching experience for music nerds. Every single episode of its four seasons featured one or more scenes with performances by the greater Louisiana musical diaspora as their set pieces. Viewers were introduced to sludge-metal legends Eyehategod in one episode and trans-bounce diva Katey Red in another, with every box checked off in between. Among the weirdest of the TV show’s eclectic sonic palate, however, was a (technically) one-man band known as Quintron, who takes every recognizable element of News Orleans music and creates something from it using a unique invention called the Drum Buddy. It’s a light-activated synth with elements of a Theremin whose only constant is noise and low fidelity, but its operator turns its oddness into an exultant dance party alongside his musical and life partner, Miss Pussycat. Their “Treme” spotlight was a non-dramatized representation of what they bring live — insane beats, costume elements and energy — all of which will occupy the top floor of the Carolina Theatre this Monday night, a co-presentation of CFBG and WUAG. Also on the bill is T0W3RS, whose recent week-long celebration of his long-awaited and instantly endearing album TL;DR was marked as much by the manic enthusiasm surrounding it as the great synth-pop at its heart. Cover is $7 and the show starts at 9 p.m.



King songwriter Tyler Nail is a patient man. Over the past eight years, he’s carved out a strong foothold in the North Carolina acoustic music scene out of relative anonymity through an output that consistent in both frequency and quality. Most remarkably, he’s done so while the integrity of the sound with which he began, alongside mostly the same group of collaborators. This Friday night at Turntable, he’ll bring a few of his closest musical associates for an intimate presentation of music from his six album, Feathers, an 11-song collection that showcases his hallmarks: a quivering voice, distinctly southern licks and a highly literate pen. Joining him for the performance are Jonathan Loos, who will also showcase songs from his forthcoming release Storm of Peace (release show coming December 12 at the Garage) and Quique Rodriguez-Pastor, who released his own solo album over the summer, but will save those for the trio’s show at High Rock Outfitters on December 5. The Tyler Nail Trio will have the Turntable living room all to themselves on Friday starting at 8 p.m., and cover is $6 at the door. !