by Britt Chester

Upcoming shows you should check out


Sunday, Jan. 18, Ziggy’s, Winston-Salem, 336.722.5000

We’ve been pretty excited about Lettuce coming to town, especially when it’s sandwiched between two of the hottest bluegrass acts touring around right now (Steep Canyon Rangers and Infamous Stringdusters). Lettuce is one of those bands that you’ve probably heard, almost definitely seen, but might not be aware of the talent that is creating the music. Not that he’s the star, but drummer Adam Deitch seems to be everywhere; he’s drumming in the Pretty Lights Analog live show, which has producer Derek Vincent Smith recreating his sounds with live instruments; alongside Borahm Lee, Deitch lays down the dance groove with Break Science, an act that has gained a lot of recognition on the festival touring circuit; and then finally Lettuce, the funk band that can give an entire era a run for it’s money. It seems like Lettuce is the amalgamation of so many other acts that it’s really just a supergroup when it decides to tour together. Members Eric Krasno and Neal Evans are apart of another act, Soulive, which occasionally steals the brass talents of fellow lechuga Ryan Zoidis and former lechuga Sam Kininger. If there is one thing for certain, though, it’s that the funk is going to come alive at Ziggy’s, and with the band coming fresh off the boat from Jam Cruise, you can bet they will be nice and prime to deliver one helluva throwdown.


Thursday, Jan. 15, The Garage, Winston-Salem, 336.777.1127

In the wake of the New Year it seems only appropriate to be introduced to new beginnings. An era was ended when Winston-Salem’s local band of 10 years played their final show this past fall. Following the unanimous split, Eddie Garcia, former guitarist/ singer, has embarked on a new project 1970s Film Stock. With a more electronic based, in-your-face sound, Garcia explains that he’s “learning the beauty of simplistic chordal arrangements.” By the grace of being awarded a grant by Forsyth County Arts Council, 1970s Film Stock is working on their debut album slated for release this summer. Giving a taste of what’s in the making, they’ll be headlining a show at the Garage on Thursday January 15th. Joining will be Raleigh’s “weird pop quartet” Horizontal Hold, which is a super-group result of about a dozen former North Carolina bands. Also sharing the stage from New York comes What Moon Things, which has been described as “a desperate yelp from an unstable man.” Stability rarely makes for good stories anyways, does it? The show is scheduled to start at 9 p.m. – Bryn Hermansen


Friday, Jan. 16, Blind Tiger, Greensboro, 336.272.9888

The local lineup in the Triad this week is wicked, and I mean that in the way people from Boston describe their clam chowder. Big Something, a six-piece formed just up the way in Burlington, is headlining at the Blind Tiger with opening support from The Fritz. If you haven’t heard Big Something, you can safely assume that you’re going to get a hint of nostalgia for the late 90s alternative rock ‘n’ roll years. There is a dash of Sublime mixed into the vocals and even a few notes of influence from acts like Stone Temple Pilots, and, dare I say, some jam band influence? Jazz, pop, rock and funk “” it’s all in the mix. Doors open up at 7:30 p.m. on Friday night and the show is slated to start at 9:30 p.m. Tickets for the show are $10 in advance and $12 day of the show.