Upcoming shows you should check out


Saturday, March 8, The Blind Tiger, Greensboro, 336.272.9888

Fans of Jerry Garcia, and the Grateful Dead for that matter, received some whopping news recently when it was announced that the remaining members of the Grateful Dead will be reuniting for a 50 th anniversary show at Chicago’s Soldier Field this summer. Because tickets to “Fare Thee Well” are selling online for prices as high as $116,000, there’s a good chance that any logical, practical fan of the music won’t be able to make the trek. However, the Jerry Garcia Band Cover Band coming to Greensboro is a much more affordable option, and you’ll still be able to hear “Shakedown Street” without the hassle of being offered mushroom chocolates while actually strolling down Shakedown Street (though for some, that’s the allure to Shakedown Street. To each their own.) Tickets to the show are $8 in advance and $10 day of the show. Doors open at 8 p.m. and the show starts at 10 p.m.

PLOW W/ ACCIDENT PRONE Sunday, March 8, Anti-Sound, Winston-Salem

We just got notice that Virginia’s Accident Prone and Boone’s Plow will be trekking down to Winston-Salem to hit Anti-Sound, a DIY venue we recently featured.

Host Mitchell Avent also shared that at least one more band is going to play, but as of this writing, it’s just up to the two get things crazy. In keeping with the DIY theme, Justin Thornton, drummer for Plow, told YES! Weekly about how Plow’s bassist, James Storelli, sometimes hosts shows at his basement-venue, The Grotto House. Plow is made up of Thornton, Storelli and guitarist Patrick Babcock. About their music, Thornton said, “mostof our stuff pretty fast, high energy, and we throw a bunch of curveballs that are pretty progressive.” He added that Plow’s music falls under the “instru-metal” genre, but that really their music is hard to define. For Accident Prone, another act making its Winston-Salem debut this weekend, it’s all about the party. James Detterman, guitarist for Accident Prone, said in an email, “You never know what to expect from an Accident Prone (show) other than utter chaos in one form or another. Along with that we try to bring a good time, but Accident Prone never knows how the people will respond.” Having played Greensboro six times, as well as other choice spots around North Carolina, Detterman said Accident Prone hopes the audience will join in the fun with them. He also mentioned that if you mention this article from YES! Weekly that he will personally hook you up with a free tape. So, pay a couple bucks to see the band, and get a free tape from the band just by mentioning an article. How sweet is that? This will be the first time Plow has played Winston-Salem. Tickets to

the show at Anti-Sound are $3-$6, and the night is scheduled to kick off at 7 p.m. !