Upcoming shows you should check out

Tuesday, April 7, The Lincoln Theatre, Raleigh, 919.821.4111

Dance music is in the purgatory state where those that create music falling under the far-reaching umbrella of “EDM” are doing whatever they can to distance themselves from the commercialized brand. It was bound to happen: Something gets so wildly popular that the people who helped make it that way, and the new generation of producers who were influenced by it, are now trying to reshape it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Unless you’re EXMAG, in which case, go ahead and explore the possibilities. The latest trend is to add a live instrument, noticeable with performances from Ultra Music Festival this past weekend, and especially noticeable with Eric Mendelson adding guitar to EXMAG. You might recognize Mendelson from his early appearances with Denis Jaravesic, also known as Gramatik, but if you don’t, know that Mendelson, as well as Mike Iannatto, Tyler Dondero, Illumntr and Gramatik all make up this super group of funky proportions. The live show features a handful of live instruments, and whether or not they are dubbed is sort of irrelevant since you’re going to watch DJs anyway, so disregard your doubts. EXMAG creates the new funk, which takes the feeling of the old and wraps it up in a warm blanket of synthesizers and glitch hop. It’s music that caters to people who appreciate dance music but who don’t need gut-punching bass lines in order to enjoy it. Gibbz will be joining the super group, as if this show needed any more helpings of funk and soul, so that’s a huge bonus. Also, and this is one artist not to be missed, but Marvel Years is opening up, and that dude is shaping up to be a frontrunner in the next phase of the dance music if he’s stays on the right track. Tickets to the show are $12 in advance and go up to $15 day of the show. Doors open at 8 p.m.

CAPITAL CROWN SOCIAL Thursday, April 2, The Blind Tiger, Greensboro, 336.272.9888

It’s all dance music in the round-up this week, and the best way to kickstart your weekend, which should officially start on a Thursday anyway, will be to head down to the Blind Tiger for the Social. Featuring DJ Nati, Youth Noise, Caption and Cut Rugs, it’s sure to be all-encompassing sub-genre dance music experience. And you’ll probably get a lot of bass, which is never a bad thing. Greensboro resident Cut Rugs, known in more familiar circles as Kyle Partin, is probably going to come on strong with the powerful vibes of Excision and Bassnectar, to name a few, given that his mixes consist of a lot of bangers. That’s a good thing. The Blind Tiger has more than enough room to get down in whatever way you feel necessary when the bass hits, but getting there early for openers will guarantee you a spot for the headliners. The show starts at 10 p.m., which is just one hour and two drinks later than when the doors open. The show is free with RSVP via The Blind Tiger’s website before 11 p.m. and tickets go up to $10 if you wait until after. Don’t wait.