Upcoming shows you should check out


Saturday, June 13, Winston-Salem Fairgrounds, Winston-Salem, 336.355.8614

A festival is just about the best way to bring a lot of like-minded individuals together to celebrate their differences, which seems to be the case with the Carolina Summer Craft Beer & Music Fest, which is the recipe for an appetizing cultural meal. Bragging 19 bands, a craft beer garden, beer sampling tent, and a food truck rodeo (plus more, what else could there be?), the festival pretty much covered all the bases of what you want at a concert. Hosted by 105.7 The Buzz, the festival takes over the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds with popular acts Tantric, Another Lost Year, Failure Anthem, Telekinetic Walrus, A Light Divided, Finding Lucy, Almost Kings, and a whole lot more. It’s strange that this is a non-profit organization that puts on the event, but we don’t have a problem with anyone wanting to promote local music alongside local beers (Pig Pounder, Natty Greene’s, and Hoots are just some of the beers that will served and tasted throughout the day). Tickets for the event will run you $20 if you purchase before the concert, and then tickets go up to just $25 if buy them day of the show. So, basically, for $25 you get to see 19 bands on two stages while drinking beers brewed right around the corner from where you are standing – yea, you don’t want to miss this one. The event starts at 12 p.m. on Saturday and runs until 9 p.m.


Friday, June 12, The Garage, Winston-Salem, 336.777.1127

Tucker Tharpe, operator of the Garage, is celebrating his birthday by hosting some of the most choice acts to grace the stage at the venue. Fresh off a national tour that took him and He Is Legend all over the west coast, Must Be The Holy Ghost’s Jared Draughon returns triumphantly to help Tharpe bring on another year of life. Couple that with Spirits and the Melchizedek Children and 1970s Film Stock and you’ve got a stellar lineup of tunes. But wait, there’s more! Great Peacock, an indie-Americana band hailing from Nashville, will also take the stage. We were at the last Great Peacock show at the Garage (and we got total fanboy with signatures on the new record) and it’s definitely an act you don’t want to miss. The charismatic crew treats a live show the way it should be treated; taking listeners up and down the emotional spectrum with high-energy tracks complimented by subtle, more emotive ones. Ticket prices haven’t been released as of this writing. Show starts around 9 p.m. !