Upcoming shows you should check out


Sunday, September 6, Ziggy’s, Winston-Salem, 336.722.5000 Before we even begin to tell you about GWAR, we must pay our respects to Dave Brockie and Cory Smoot. Brockie portrayed the stage persona of Odurus Urungus, and Smoot played as Flattus Maximus. Brockie was the only remaining founding member of GWAR. But GWAR lives on. As one of the premier sci-fi rock and roll acts of the past 30 years, GWAR shows have become one of the most anticipated events for every city it hits. Donned in metal spikes, ogre-ish masks, helmets and instruments that are much more identifiable as weapons of mass thrashing, GWAR leaves a polarizing amiable impression on the audience. It’s heavy metal music combined with stage personas that depict the decapitation of babies, the spraying of fake blood and other bodily fluids all over the crowd, and tons of thrash metal mayhem. You don’t want to miss a GWAR show because you’ll regret it when you do. Tickets for the show start at $20 and go up to $25 day of the show. Doors open at 7 p.m. with music planned for 7:45 start. You’ll also be able to see Butcher Babies, Battlecross and 3 Quarters Dead.


Saturday, September 5, Kohinoor Hookah Palace, Greensboro

Greensboro’s DJ scene is absolutely cranking out the events. Psyoptic Records is bringing a list of local artists to the hookah venue that was formerly the home of Flatiron over on Summit Avenue. For this inaugural event, expect to see Darklove (whom you may have seen scratching his way through a set at Hopfest last week with Snare Blankets on the drums), Prez, FiftyFoot Shadows, Bonzani, Soner and J-Lone. If you’ve attended any of the Dance From Above events you’ll be familiar with the featured artists, and if you haven’t, know that you’re going to get schooled in all things funk, soul and electronic. Maybe toss in a dash of hip-hop while you’re at it. The show starts at 9 p.m. and is only $3 before 11 p.m and $5 after. Daily Planet will be on the microphone. !