Upcoming shows you should check out


8 p.m. Friday Jan. 22, The Blind Tiger, 1819 Spring Garden St., Greensboro

“Hailing from North Carolina, Atma Weapon is ready to take over with riffs, riffs, and riffs to spare. Atma Weapon is a breath of fresh air in a time of overproduced metal. They champion their own brand of progressive music that blends classic with modern. With musical influences ranging from Metallica and Opeth to Pat Metheny and Porcupine Tree , the band is sure to engage the listener with diverse arrangements and lengthy compositions.

Over the past two years, Atma Weapon has been hard at work perfecting their sound and crafting their own niche. The band has been bursting at the seams, waiting to release their masterwork. Their album ‘Dark Tower’ includes a 30-minute title track that is comprised  of six parts, along with two standalone songs. A daunting task for a debut album. Singer/ guitarist Mick Armstrong, drummer Brandon Allen, bassist Billy Guynn, and lead guitarist Cameron Johnson assure you that their take on progressive metal is both fresh and satisfyingly raw.” – via Facebook


8:30 p.m. Friday, Jan. 22, Revolution Cycles 1907 Spring Garden St., Greensboro

“Irata, from Greensboro, NC, defy specific categorization. Their sound dodges to the side or straight up smashes through genre barriers with a dexterous, infectious groove. Once an instrumental act, the lineup has shifted from a trio to a duo and back, and following several lineup shifts since their inception eight years ago, the band has finally solidified things with its most roaring setup yet. Current members are: Jason Ward: drums/percussion/ vocals, Jon Case: bass guitar/ vocals, Cheryl Manner: guitar.Irata has just announced the upcoming release of their most recent LP, Sweet Loris, as well as a tour to promote the album. This tour will take them all along the East Coast with Inter Arma, Indian Handcrafts, and Kylesa.” – via

This show marks Irata’s official CD release for the new LP, Sweet Loris. The bill is touted as including some of Greensboro’s finest, including Black Squares/White Islands, Totally Slow, and The Bronzed Chorus. Expect loud music “and fancy bicycles to stand beside,” says one of the event organizers. Sounds good. !