by Ryan Snyder

DJ Handle: Cloak N Dagger

What it means: My name actually comes from the old movie Cloak and Dagger about the kid who played this game of spies that became real. It reminds me of those who said I could never be anything more than a living-room DJ. The game has become real to me and I consider myself blessed for that.

Real Name: BJ Orton

Catch me at: Brewskis tavern every Monday; Facebass at Club Orion on Wednesday and Saturday nights; Freddie’s on Marshall in Winston-Salem on Saturday nights as a member of Jedi Soul Productions; and an opening DJ for Deep Cover Movement at Green Street Club.

Upcoming shows: In addition to the regular shows, on May 19 from 6-10 p.m. I’m live on CG radio at cybergrooveprod., and on Friday at Artistika as the featured DJ for Electro Funk Fridays with DJ L and Clubhead.

First pro gig: My first pro gig was a small slot at a huge warehouse rave in Charlotte back in 2001. it blew my mind in every way.

Why I do it: It’s funny but I tell most people it’s because I was sick of being in bands and everybody drinking our gig money away. My friend was making good money on his own as a DJ spinning twice a week and I was like, “damn, why am I not doing this?” Bottom line, DJing is about the coolest thing in the world to this cat.

Influences: DJ Breez in Charlotte was the guy who inspired me to start, and Manual Labor (Randall Howell) was my big influence to get started playing dubstep.

Studio work: I am now working on production again with Ableton Live and Acid Pro, and hope to have my first dubstep track finished and mastered by the end of next month.

Favorite technique: Double drops and soul vocal samples with gnarly dub beats.

My gear: Technic 1200 MK3 turntables, Serato Scratch Live, vinyl and a Sony Vaio laptop

Website: Cloak-Dagger/153401618033368, www.

I’d like to add: If you’re a fresh DJ looking to get a chance to get some experience at a live venue, Cloak n Dagger and Brewski’s Tavern host an open deck night every Monday for any and all upcoming DJs and old pros to come out and drop their art. Come support us every Monday night if you’re a DJ or you’re just looking to hear the best in local talent. Dancing is required because this is why Cloak N Dagger does this.