An article entitled “Judge orders release of Silk Plant Forest detective’s testimony,” which appeared in the Dec. 23 issue of YES! Weekly, incorrectly states that former Winston-Salem police Detective Donald R. Williams was questioned by Winston-Salem police Lt. Joseph Ferrelli and Sgt. Chuck Byrom about his investigation of the 1995 Silk Plant Forest-Jill Marker assault case during his appearance before the Winston-Salem City Council on June 11. In fact, Ferrelli and Assistant City Attorney Al Andrews questioned Williams.

Also, a clarification: The article also stated that Andrews said he would have to redact from Williams’ testimony all references to the eight current and former Winston-Salem police officers that are opposing the full release of the Silk Plant Forest Citizens Review Committee’s report. However, Judge Richard W. Stone’s order requires that only personnel and privacy matters as related to the eight current and former officers be redacted, not any mention of the officers.