by Megan Young


“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” To many of us this saying conjures up thoughts of garage sales, bulk trash pick-up, and thrift stores; however, in the case of The Cosmic Circle, this point-of-view is the foundation of the business. For over three years, The Cosmic Circle has been providing the Triad with an impressive line of repurposed, upcycled clothing pieces.

The Cosmic Circle’s story begins several years ago when Jessica Mathews and Andrea Lacobucci, now best friends and business partners, met at a tattoo shop in Greensboro. At that time, Lacobucci was already running a successful business selling repurposed knit items, and she invited Mathews to model pieces for her. After realizing a shared love for fashion and do it yourself (DIY) projects, they began brainstorming on ways to collaborate.

“Many of Andrea’s items were upcycled vintage along with her custom knit wear line. I have always been thrifty and very into DIY projects, so I began to help her out with shopping and crafting pieces,” Mathews said.

Brainstorming turned to action as the two decided they wanted to merge their talents. The Cosmic Circle was born.

The intention of the line is to get away from mass production, sweat shops, and malls by finding fabrics normally tossed to the wayside and repurposing them.

“That is what The Cosmic Circle is all about; the circle of fashion and upcycling. Basically, thinking of ways to better the economy by using repurposed fabrics and clothing instead of relying on large chains,” explained Mathews.

Their clothing line is featured on Etsy.

com, in Design Archives both in Greensboro and Winston-Salem, and in Rumors in Chapel Hill. To keep up with high demands they have been working around the clock to design new garments for both online and in-store sales. “It has been hard work since Andrea lives in Raleigh and I live in Winston, but we are both dedicated to keeping production going. We are constantly communicating via phone or FaceTime on what new pieces we can create,” said Mathews.

For them, the best places to seek out fabrics are local thrift stores and yard sales where people discard unwanted old designs. “We usually find old vintage simplicity patterns and use these old patterns as a starting point. We tweak them from old tops we have or inspiration online, and make them more modern,” Mathews said.

(As a matter of fact, she had made a halter top from a 1970’s pattern that very morning!) Interestingly, to keep in line with The Cosmic Circle theme, most of their pieces are named after constellations and other cosmic objects.

One of their more popular designs is a dress made with the combination of an old vintage tee and scraped fabric they make into a skirt. “Two items that normally would have been discarded are now made into one. No one wants this baggy shirt or scrap fabric, but put them together and people really love it, want it, and no one else has it,” says Mathews. “We will never make the same dress twice.”

“In the long run, the competition is what helps us continue to better ourselves. We sit back and think ‘OK, I see what you’re doing,’ now I am going to take it a step above.”

You can expect to see The Cosmic Circle showing at Hoots Flea market in the near future. “I will be under the tent with pieces on hand,” says Mathews. Until then, make sure to stop into Design Archives or check out their Etsy shop to find your one of a kind, repurposed, up-cycled garment. !

WANNA wear it?

Find the Etsy shop at Circle. Instagram @thecosmiccircle Design Archives at both locations: 342 S Elm St #100, Greensboro, NC 27401 636 W 4th St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101 Rumors Boutique 106 N Graham St, Chapel Hill, NC 27516