by Daniel Schere

Cafe brings flair to downtown | @Daniel_Schere

The debate about revitalization in downtown High Point seems to be the central issue in the city’s municipal election, but a stop at the Penny Path Café & Crêpe Shop might have you thinking that you’re in the heart of Paris.

The café resembles that of many in Europe “” it seats 20 but serves as one of the city’s centers of activity during the day. Between 1 and 2 p.m. on a Thursday, the café was full of customers that seemed to never run out of things to talk about with each other. Whether it was workers on their lunch break or families enjoying the sunny October day, everyone seemed to be right at home.

In addition to serving as an ideal meeting spot in High Point, Penny Path also serves a variety of savory and sweet crêpes that are cooked to order and prepared right in front of you. There are four specialty savory crêpes, as well as an allin-one crêpe known as the “Kitchen Sink” “” a monster crêpe that includes virtually every ingredient they have. You can also make your own by choosing from a variety of cheeses, spreads and vegetables.

Visible inside the café are several pennies built into the floor tiles, hence the name, and an old door attached to the wall. These items are the parts of owner Miro Buzov’s vision of bringing an innovative business downtown.

“We did this with nothing, trying to make the point that you can get people to come to downtown and that we have the rock solid infrastructure in High Point to do these things,” he said. “And the Penny Path is really a visual to the vision that everyone tries to figure out here.”

Buzov moved with his family from Germany in 1998 in search of work. He wound up taking a furniture-making job in Archdale. Since then he was worked for several other furniture companies and later started his own furniture business. He opened Penny Path in the spring of 2013.

Buzov said he has had the motivation to bring more life to the city for some time.

“I had a little bit of disposable money when we made the decision to build the café, and I was essentially at the point where I was going to leave this town and either take the money I had and go somewhere else or do something with it here,” he said. “And then the opportunity came up for this space, and I decided to just go for it.”

Buzov said an analysis of his receipts showed that most of his business comes from outside of High Point. He said his busiest times are on weekends when the café is full of High Point University students.

“It’s a big part of my market research because these kids talk and tell you what they want,” he said.

The café does almost no advertising, other than maintaining a Facebook page, and Buzov said if this location is successful, then he would consider opening a second one in Greensboro or Winston-Salem. He feels that the success of Penny Path is a sign that more small businesses have the ability to bring their craft to High Point.

“It’s kind of like the little-boy syndrome, you know,” he said. “So many people trying to fish for money, and that’s really all it takes. And you get a couple creative, hardworking people, and you can turn this all around in no time.” !


Penny Path & Crepe Shop is located at 104 E. Kivett Drive in High Point. Call 336-821-2925 or visit them on Facebook at thepennypath.