by Ryan Snyder

Real name: Jason Honeycutt DJ Handle: CREWLESS What it means: It came in 2005 on the fly. I was trying to express that I alone am responsible for what happens when I am behind the decks, especially the mistakes. What you play: Drum ‘n’ bass mostly. Catch me at: Club Orion Upcoming shows: Every Wednesday and Saturday at Club Orion, Aug. 6-7 at the Guardian Angel Jam in Prospect Hill, Aug. 15 at Tutto Mundos. Got in the Game: January 1997 Influences: Dara, Fresh, Dieselboy, State of Mind, Subfocus and the crowd in front of me at the time. First pro gig: Phoenix Room in Greenville, in 2000 Studio work: I’ve done mixes and a few single-track productions. Favorite technique: Double drop Signature mix: The live show after TPA on July 2 Personal playlist: My band, the Weathered Suns, practice. We play jamband stuff, dubstep, drum ‘n’ bass and old rock music

Favorite albums: Pearl Jam — Ten, Diesleboy — Dungeon Master’s Guide, Ben Harper — Fight For Your Mind, STS9 — Artifact Equipment used: Technics 1200s, Denon mixer, SL3 and lots of speakers Best thing about playing the Triad: My friends love to dance Website: I’d like to add: I am also a promoter, DUH LATE NIGHT Productions.