Caitlin Stroczkowski

by YES! Staff

This week’s Page Three model, Caitlin Stroczkowski, should have you seeing red this Valentine’s Day — and not just because her name is so hard to spell. “I love Valentine’s Day,” she says. “I love pink and I love hearts and kisses and purple and Valentine cards and flowers… so, yeah.” If she sounds a bit like a little girl here, she can be pardoned — Caitlin spends most of her day with 5-year-olds as a kindergarten teacher for Guilford County Schools. She’ll be spending this year’s Valentine’s Day at the Wingman Events gala, held at Heaven in downtown Greensboro on Feb. 14 (see for more details). Caitlin goes to pretty much all of the Wingman events, and not just because she’s a hopeless romantic, though that does play a part: Her boyfriend, Andy Sharpe, is the Wingman himself. “It’s so easy to be cynical [about Valentine’s Day] when you’re single,” she says, “so the gala is a good alternative to have something to do when you’re single.”