Caleb Caudle debuts Carolina Ghost at The Garage in Winston-Salem

by Rebecca Harrelson

Caleb Caudle at The Garage
Photos by Tucker Tharpe

Posters lined the walls as I entered into an obvious Winston-Salem gem. Thursday night was my first time checking out The Garage and I was pumped that the first show I saw there was Caleb Caudle’s. It was also lucky that I was able to check out Jack The Radio who opened the show, and I of course swiped a free button off the merch table, like a boss. I was raised on country, bluegrass and rock music so the comfort of cowboy hats and blue jeans made me feel like I was back home at a show with my family. I had a chance to chat with Caudle about the night and how if felt releasing his new album “Carolina Ghost” in his hometown. Which is on sale to the masses today. “I’ve been playing The Garage for over a decade now. It’s home. I loved it when Richard ran it and I love it now that Tucker runs it. They both bring a lot of passion and it’s evident. I can’t imagine there being a more seamless transition,” Caudle said. The space has a lot of amazing things going for it; the lighting is on point, the stage is noticeably “The Garage” with signs and a huge mouth in the background. Caudle sang songs off his new “Carolina Ghost” album and threw in some older tunes, which I was happy about because I’m a sucker for the song “Drag” from his album “Paint Another Layer On My Heart”.

Caudle and the team put in ten 14-hour days at the Fidelitorium in Kernersville. “I co-produced it with Jon Ashley. Jack Foster played drums, Jordan Powers played bass and sang harmonies, Greg Herndon played keys, Alex McKinney played dobro, Brett Resnick played pedal steel, Tommy Scifres played lead guitar, and Bonnie Whitmore and Josh King sang harmonies,” Caudle said. The opening band, Jack The Radio, a fun high energy group from Raleigh, congratulated Caudle and his team on the album and bringing such a great group of people together. The night was focused on friends, family and foot-tapping music.