Calling All Actors!

Calling All Actors!


I am the Casting Director for an Ultra Low Budget SAG film called Dangerous Curves. This comedy will be shooting between July 22-Aug 9 in Eden, NC.

The Day Rate is $100 per worked day to the performer as per the Ultra Low Budget Agreement ( This is a theatrical contract and the performer will be entitled to applicable residuals for subsequent markets (such as television and internet).

Actors have a couple of options in how to audition. We are doing video submittals from now until Friday, July 10 at 5pm. Directions for video submittals will be at the bottom of email.

Make SURE with video submittals that a headshot and resume is sent to me at You may also ship video along with headshot/resume to the address below. These items must be received by Saturday.

We are having an open call Wednesday July 8 at Lyndon Street Artworks in Downtown Greensboro, NC.

We are looking for an array of actors with comedic sense and ALL types are encouraged. FOR CAST BREAKDOWN AND SIDES EMAIL ME AT CRYSTAL.LARGEN@GMAIL.COM

Open Call Address 206 Lyndon Street Greensboro, NC 27410 11-5PM