Candidates for political office

Filing for several North Carolina political offices remains open in Forsyth and Guilford counties through Feb. 26. The following candidates have either filed to run or have announced that they will stand for election:

US Senate • Richard Burr (R, i) • Eddie Burks (R) • Cal Cunningham (D) • Ken Lewis (D) • Elaine Marshall (D) • Marcus W. Williams (D) • Michael Beitler (L)

US House District 5 • Virginia Foxx (R, i) • Billy Kennedy (D)

US House District 6 • Howard Coble (R, i) • James Taylor (R)

US House District 12 • Mel Watt (D, i) • Doc Gillenwater (R)

US House District 13 • Brad Miller (D, i) • Dan Huffman (R) • Bill Randall (R)

NC Senate District 26 • Phil Berger (R, i)

NC Senate District 27 • Don Vaughan (D, i)

NC Senate District 28 • Katie Dorsett (D, i)

NC Senate District 32 • Linda Garrou (D, i)

NC Senate District 33 • Stan Bingham (R, i)

NC House District 57 • Pricey Harrison (D, i) • Jon Hardister (R)

NC House District 58 • Alma Adams (D, i) • Ralph C. Johnson (D)

NC House District 59 • Maggie Jeffus (D, i)

NC House District 60

• Earl Jones (D, i) • Marcus Brandon (D)

NC House District 61 • John Faircloth (R) • Gerald T. Grubb (R) • Paul Norcross (R)

NC House District 62 • John Blust (R, i) • Jeffery Simon (L)

NC House District 71 • Larry Womble (D, i) • Becki M. VanderKlok (party affiliation unknown)

NC House District 72 • Earline W. Parmon (D, i) • Gardenia M. Henley (D)

NC House District 73 • Larry Brown (R, i)

NC House District 74 • Dale Folwell (R, i)

NC House District 75 • Bill McGee (R, i)

District Attorney, District 18 • J. Douglas Henderson (D, i)

District Attorney, District 21 • Jim O’Neill (R, i)

Forsyth County Sheriff • Bill Schatzman (R, i) • Jerry Herron (D)

Guilford County Sheriff • BJ Barnes (R, i) • Harlon E. Costner (D) • Phil Wadsworth (D)

Forsyth County Superior Court Clerk • Nick Gordon (D, i) • Susan Speaks Frye (D)

Guilford County Superior Court Clerk • David L. Churchill (D, i)

Forsyth County Commissioner, at-large • Mark Baker (R)

Forsyth County Commission, District A • Beaufort O. Bailey (D, i) • Walter Marshall (D, i)

Forsyth County Commission, District B • Debra Conrad (R)

Guilford County Commission, District 3 • Linda O. Shaw (R, i)

Guilford County Commission, District 6 • Kay Cashion (D, i)

Guilford County Commission, District 9 • Carolyn Q. Coleman (D, i)

Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School Board, at-large • Elisabeth Motsinger (i)

Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School Board, District 1 • Jimmie Lee Bonham • John Davenport Jr. • Vic Johnson (i)

Guilford County School Board, at-large • Nancy R. Routh (i)

Guilford County School Board, District 6 • Jeff Lee Belton (i)

Guilford County School Board, District 8 • Deena Hayes(i)