Canvas The City

by Jim Dowell, Jr.

You can tell that spring is in full swing this year in April. Every gallery is full of renewed energy, and creativity is bursting everywhere.

Marshall Art Gallery is featuring a show of “Blooming Art” that, for lack of better wording, is simply beautiful. The participating artists have pulled together a collection that displays their own interpretations of the coming of spring and all the beauty it holds. This fresh and vibrant exhibit reflects a huge variety of styles and mediums such as paint, metals, clay and glass. The artists featured are Dawn Ashby, Tracey Marshall, Paul Nixon, Mike Richardson, Christine Seiler and, one of my personal favorites, Connie Logan. This show runs from April 5 to 30. Hours are Monday through Saturday from 10-6 p.m.

Ashby and Marshall are also involved in another great collaboration: The Art House. Classes and workshops by the two of them and other artists will begin in May. The grand opening event will be Friday and Saturday, May 4 and 5. Classes offered will include painting by Marshall, watercolors by Christine Seiler, faux painting by Marshall, mosaic and floorcloth painting by Ashby, furniture painting by Ashby, painting by Jack Stone and sewing by Cynthia Dittrich. The Art House is located at 600 N. Church St., and registration and information can be found at Classes are for beginners and up.

Artmongerz features the “Frank and Frank” show, featuring none other than the two classics themselves, Frank Holder and Frank Russell. This is a don’t-miss event with works by the two in fish, paintings, aluminum and photography. The show opens First Friday April 6, from 6-9 p.m., and also a reception titled “Spring Forward” opens April 13, from 6-9 p.m., featuring the other “mongerz in house.” Great snacks and fresh art accompany all openings at this great downtown arena of talent.

Also downtown will be an opening on April 6, from 6-9 p.m. at the Sonny Corbi and Friends Gallery. It is located at 620 S. Elm St. and will feature works by Corbi and Emmett Williams. For more information call 336.987.2116, or 336.987.4209.

Lyndon Street Artworks also features two openings this month on April 6 and April 13. The first, titled “I Grew A Sculpture,” features the amazing Scott Harris and Trace O’Conner as well as in-house artists Brian Hibbard, Erik Beerbower, Lois and Ernie Rich, and Erik and Charlotte Strom. LSA is one of those rare places where you always see something new, and someone who is on the way up to becoming a great local talent. I always go there with never enough time to take it all in, so be sure you allocate yourself a couple of hours to get through all the talent. It truly is worth all the press!

And finally, for that weekend of April 13, the Upstairs Gallery presents: “Shelterdogs, A Heartbeat at My Feet.” This show features the black-and-white photography of writer/artist Traer Scott, and painting by the very talented shelterdog himself, Netop of Wilmington, NC. Netop will offer 85 paintings from $55 to $125 already framed, and each one unique. Scott will have 20 huge photos of various shelterdogs and will be signing copies of her book as well. On April 15, TUG teams up with local club Warehouse 29 for an afternoon of food, fun, cocktails and fellowship. This is all in conjuntion with the Greensboro SPCA as a major fundraiser for that organization. The event is private at WH29, and limited to 300 patrons. Tickets are $30 for members of the club and $100 for nonmembers. There is a private concert at 3:00 featuring disco diva Martha Wash, of C & C Music Factory and the Weather Girls. For more information contact the Upstairs Gallery, the SCPA of the Triad, or Warehouse 29.

These are a few ways to spend a couple of weekends in a fun and artful environment. I invite you to check them all out for a good time, and in the case of the fundraiser, remember it is a private event and tickets need to be purchased in advance if at all possible since it is limited.

Have a great spring, and we’ll see you in May!

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