Caroline Faust

by Brian Clarey

Why do 19-year-olds look so much better than the rest of us? No matter’… suffice it to say that this week’s Page Three model, Caroline Faust, possesses all of the charms native to the 19-year-old: exuberance, optimism and maybe just enough naiveté to be excruciatingly charming. At any rate Caroline, a GTCC student, is taking the next semester off to go to Russia with her parents while they adopt a child. When she comes back she’ll resume her singer-songwriter career in a big way ‘— she’s planning to release her first solo effort this summer which will hopefully include the last tune she wrote. It’s called ‘“Enough,’” and she says the process for this one was grounded in emotion. ‘“I was mad at a boy,’” she recalls. For those who can’t wait until the warm weather, she can be heard on the Urban Sophisticates’ Coward’s Anthem CD, contributing her voice to the tune ‘“I’m Feelin’ It,’” and she has established a presence on as well. She’s all over the place, and she didn’t have to cut a deal with the devil to do it.