Changes take place at downtown Greensboro’’s Churchills on Elm

Changes take place at downtown Greensboro’s Churchills on Elm

Downtown Greensboro’s Churchills on Elm has a new operating manager and a new face: Alex Ritchy. Ritchy, current owner of Auburn Construction, is known in Greensboro for creating and running some of Greensboro’s first successful downtown restaurants/ clubs: M’Coul’s Public House and

Ritchy’s Uptown Restaurant & Bar (now known as the Green Burro Sports Bar) on McGee Street. Along with this new face, other changes have been made. Firstly, to accommodate both smoking and non-smoking patrons, they have created a smoking section within the club and will no longer permit cigar smoking. Secondly, patrons will continue to enjoy live music of a different genre, as the venue goes back to providing light jazz/blues and pianists. Lastly, while enjoying a cocktail, patrons will have the opportunity to order appetizers and light fare off of a light menu provided by Rim Tapas & Fine Wine Restaurant. With Alex Ritchy at the helm, management is very excited to take such an iconic place as Churchills on Elm and continue to create a comfortable place for all who enjoy great music, creative martinis and casual conversations.