Changing Lanes on a country road


Those in the Triad who know Chris Lane might never believe his first live performance in front of anyone other than his brother, was in front of “American Idol” judges during the Season 7 tryouts.

“I remember when me and Corey were young, we had this kid-type tape recorder thing. We used to walk around the house singing into it” said Lane. “I’ve always enjoyed singing, but never, did I ever get in front of anybody until ‘American Idol.’” It was not until the summer before his last semester at UNC-Charlotte that he decided to take the trip to the “American Idol” tryouts with his twin brother Cory Lane and Cory’s girlfriend.

“I just thought it was worth a shot and would be something fun,” said Lane.

The results were not the outcome the Lane brothers had hoped for. Once the season aired, the Lane brothers were surprised to see that the network edited their auditions into a segment depicting them in a love triangle followed by scenes of the two of them rapping.

“I was laughing so hard, I thought it was so embarrassing,” said Lane. “The part they did show made us look like idiots.”

Despite the tainted footage of the brothers, they still received a warm welcome from fans at home. Lane said during the following three months, the brothers were recognized everywhere they went.

When a friend told Lane he should go to open-mic night at a local bar, he was skeptical. But the following Wednesday he found himself at Boardwalk Billys ready to perform.

“It was packed,” said Lane. “I opened with Keith Urban’s song, “Who Wouldn’t Want to be me.”

Lane admits to being extremely nervous that night, but when he sang his hip-hop melody things fell in to place and he decided this was something he really wanted to do.

“It was a great reaction, It gave me a feeling that I would love to do this every day,” said Lane. “I went back every Wednesday for the rest of the semester.”

Lane says his brother got an electronic drum set from his parents that following Christmas. They spent the months after practicing together. Both self taught musicians found themselves wanting to take it to the next level.

“We decided to try to call around to find an acoustic gig,” said Lane. “Our first gig was at JP Looney’s in High Point. They told us we couldn’t perform unless we had a full band. Knowing we didn’t, we told them we did. We just wanted to perform.”

Lane said he and his brother quickly threw together a band and the night of their performance the bar was packed. He said all their friends could not believe the two of them were actually going to perform and were eager to see the outcome.

“We bombed so badly,” said Lane. “But because we brought so many people to the bar, we were getting calls to perform at other places.”

As the calls continued to come in, the Chris Lane Band became better and better. With additional practices and new songs the band was beginning to make a name for themselves.

After meeting Chelsea Sorrell at a Triad Idol competition, Lane thought it might be a good idea to add a female voice to the band.

“It certainly helps out because I don’t have to take it all on and she can pick up,” said Lane. “It helps us as a band. People like something different.”

Lane who recently won 93.1 The Wolf’s “Sing Like Kenny Chesney” contest and won a trip to the 2010 CMA Awards in Nashville said, “It was just an all-around great opportunity. I was able to give my EP to people who I never would have been able to had I not gotten to go to Nashville.”

The recently released Chris Lane Band EP climbed the iTunes country music charts very quickly the day of its release, with a top position of No. 7 for the unsigned band. They have even been getting airplay across the country with their single “Too Tennessee.”

“We were sitting on iTunes between people I look up to,” said Lane. “My name was right beside Keith Urban’s, it was crazy.”

Lane was also able to test his acting skills during the recent filming of their “Too Tennessee” music video set to be completed in February.

“It was very cool, but very cold,” he said.

“I had to do a kissing scene, it was kind of awkward, but it was okay because we had kissed before. The awkward thing was handholding, we just thought it was the funniest thing ever.”

The Chris Lane Band will be opening for Justin Moore this Friday at Johnny and June’s or you can visit them at