Cheesecakes by Alex opens expanded space in Greensboro

by Rebecca Harrelson

Rebecca Harrelson

Pictured above: Katie Watson (female behind the counter) did her senior project internship at the shop and then was hired as an employee. She really loves the Ginger and Butterscotch cookies.

Kip Reynolds has been an employee of Cheesecakes by Alex for about three months, already calling this job “so much fun.” “We love the new space a lot. We moved everything over on Monday. We are still getting use to the space because it’s a lot bigger, no one’s ordering in the hallway anymore, which is nice.”The space of the expanded Cheesecakes by Alex on South Elm Street in Greensboro looks great. The deep red walls juxtaposed with the exposed brick makes for a polished urban feel. The extra seating added will definitely be helpful for late night cheesecake runs. They plan on keeping the old seating space and of course the outside section. The kitchen itself will be expanding and covered with glass walls so customers and bakers can see in and out of the space. “We are about to up production, even just a little. We have a good amount of new equipment, larger ovens and the new espresso machine,” Reynolds said. “I think there are only two others like it in North Carolina. It’s called the Wega, its basically one big piston, so you have to manually pull down. It’s pretty heavy. We actually had to get certified on how to use it properly. It makes really great espresso drinks.”

Rebecca Harrelson