Chef Louis Perez moves Plum Krazy’s a cut above the rest

by Lee Adams

Mike and Bonnie Austin, owners of Plum Krazy’s on Guilford College Road, are geniuses. Feeling like the food side of the bar scene has gotten boring, the two have attempted to make their club a cut above the others in town by hiring Chef Louis Mancici Perez, a 1982 graduate of Johnson and Wales culinary school in North Miami Beach, Fla.

If Chef Louie’s tattooed muscles and Portuguese-Sicilian-Jersey-Miami accent doesn’t intimidate you then his spicy Creole sauces and over-the-top bar dishes will. Upon arriving at Plum Krazy’s one of the first things he did was throw out all the store bought spices and replace them with his own. The spices make all the difference, Chef Louie says, and he skillfully combines ingredients to make them blend in perfectly with the foods he puts them on. One of his specialties, he says, is a bourbon black peppercorn demi-glaze that he uses on steak.

‘“I enjoy cooking,’” he says. ‘“It’s a passion to me.’” And it’s evident in his enthusiasm in the kitchen where he prepares the food with flair, like the ornate lemon shells and bell peppers he cuts out for holding his secret dipping sauces.

With a smile he brings me a plate of 15 spicy beer-battered shrimp with a side of coleslaw, a Creole sauce and a cocktail sauce. The presentation is beautiful, and he feels like it’s just as important as making the food taste good. I nod my head in approval as I bite into one of the shrimp, but I can’t express that he’s just won my heart with one of my all-time favorite dishes. It’s truly the best shrimp dish I’ve had in this town.

Chef Louie’s no amateur, that’s for sure. And his 30 years of total experience in the food industry come through in

everything he prepares. He’s worked as an award-winning sauté chef, sous chef and head chef for a number of restaurants and country clubs throughout Miami. Since coming to Greensboro, he has also worked as a sauté chef and head butcher for the Green Valley Grill.

So, if you like to shoot a little pool or stop in for a drink once in awhile but always have to go find something for dinner first, you can now get it all in one place. And for those folks like me who like to get out with their wife for a date but just don’t do much drinking, you have something to do while watching your favorite band.

Plum Krazy’s Sports Bar and Grill is located at 106-B College Rd. They can be reached at 336.851.0133.

– Lee Adams