Cheryl Koshi

by Brian Clarey

Our Right Place, Right Time Department brings you these pictures of Cheryl Koski, a 22-year-old originally from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. who we found milling among the crowd at Friday night’s Center City Park celebration of spring (see Crashing the Gate, page 54), grooving near the front of the stage as the Urban Sophisticates stormed trough their set. Cheryl will be a junior in UNCG’s theater department when she re-enrolls in the fall – she is currently on some sort of higher-education sabbatical which she seems to be enjoying immensely. For now she works nights as a bartender at M’Coul’s Public House and spends her days doing more or less as she pleases. She also wants everyone to know that she’s currently single, which is a great status for a bartender to enjoy. We are officially jealous of the long, leisurely summer that lays before her and all of the romantic offers she will be sure to get once this feature hits the streets.