Christy Johnson

by Brian Clarey

Let’s see if we can squeeze all of the accomplishments of Christy Johnson, this week’s Page Three model, into 175 words or less. Her mother started her off on the pageant circuit when she was six months old. She graduated from Grimsley High at the age of 16 (Class of ’00); she earned an undergraduate degree in drama from UNCG at 19 and finished her masters work by the time she was 21. She’s been in five commercials, two training videos, three music videos and 14 films, including National Lampoon’s Puck’d (Jovi and Faustino, she says, were both really nice). She has a black belt in karate (and not one of those BS Elvis black belts, either). She’s currently the lead singer for Greensboro-based band Dreamkiller and she’s a member of the faux girl group the Daisy Dukes (go to to get in on the joke). She can do a spot-on impersonation of Alvin the chipmunk. And she has no plans to leave Greensboro. “If I get a film and it takes me out to California then I’d be willing to move, but I’m happy here in Greensboro.” Damn, almost made it.