Cinco de Muncho: Five Restaurants to try in May

by Kristi Maier

Cinco de Mayo is widely celebrated in the United States and Mexico.Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t a celebration of Mexico’s independence(that’s September 16), but rather commemorates the Mexican victory of theBattle of Puebla. Whatever the reason,it’s just our excuse to eat delicious Mexican or Tex-Mex food, enjoy somecervezas or margaritas and, well, have a little fun. Why celebrate just one day? Here’s a list of five restaurants to enjoy this celebratory month. We call it our Cinco En Mayo.


La Botana

1547 Hanes Mall Blvd.

Ever so popular in Winston-Salem, La Botana boasts “trulyauthentic” Mexican food that takes a little longer to prepare (by their ownadmission) because they are building from scratch. If you want to be trulyadventurous, you should order from the “other menu.” And many a carnivore havesworn by the vegetarian options on said “other menu.” For starters try the Molcajete, a bean stockand red sauce stew cooked with green onions, cilantro,mushrooms, prickly pear leaf cactus and shredded cheese served in a large hotvolcanic rock bowl. It comes with beans and your choice of meat or vegetable.

The Porch

840 Millworks Street

As seen here in YES! Weekly, insertlink Porch is a celebration of all things Mex and Tex. Tacos, tostadas, fajitaand other inventive salads, quesadillas, chips and margarita specials”¦as in allthe time. It’s the perfect place to celebrate Cinco de Mayo or the entire monthof Mayo. If you do swing by on the 5th of May, it just happens tocoincide with “Hope du Jour” when a proceeds of total sales go to the hungry inour area.


Los Gordos

2505 Battleground Avenue

Having moved from their High Point Roadlocation to a larger, more customer-friendly space, Los Gordos serves uptraditional favorites like fajitas, enchiladas, tacos, etc. but customers keepcoming back for the more interesting “specialties de la casa” like the PescadoEmpapelado””fish topped with shrimp and a selection of veggies and freshcilantro. It’s wrapped and cooked in foil. Or Chicken Stuffed Avocado- a deepfried avocado stuffed with chicken, cheese. It actually comes with a beeffajita taco, rice, beans AND tortilla soup”¦in case you feel like you aren’tgoing to get enough food.

Taqueria El Azteca & Taco Truck

5605 West Friendly Avenue

The taqueria that spawned one of thefirst and most popular food trucks in the Triad. Fresh food, made to order and tortillas madedaily. Tacos, tostadas, burritos, enchiladas and the requisite combos adorn themenu. The taco truck””or trucks, allowthem to take the concept to the street. This truck will pop up at food truck festivals and on beloved streetcorners for late night munchies with favorites like tacos and thecan’t-be-missed torta. The taco truck also acts as their catering auto.


Don Juan’s Restaurant

201 CenturyBlvd, Kernersville; 43 S. Talbert Blvd., Lexington

By the looks of the Kernersvillelocation, it’s one of the most popular restaurants around. Multiple expansionshave resulted in a sprawling joint full of families and even larger groups.There’s a vast selection of the usual favorites on this menu. Be sure to trythe super fresh Mexican Shrimp Cocktail or the AC (Arroz con Pollo. It’s likean Asian stirfry got confused and went all Mexican on you, full of broccoli,zucchini, onions, rice and cheese and pollo (with the option of adding othermeats). Don Juan’s caters too in theevent you are considering throwing your own fiesta.