City of Winston-Salem provides incentives for smokers

City of Winston-Salem provides incentives for smokers

by Nutten Doon Jr.

After Dell Computers announced layoffs at its Forsyth County facility, which was the recipient of more than $300 million in local and state incentives, and in the face of rising cigarette taxes, Winston-Salem city officials decided to use its incentives program to bolster a home-grown industry, and they’re do ing it at street level. Last week Winston-Salem City Council voted to give all smokers of RJ Reynolds products $100, or four cartons of cigarettes, in monthly incentives to ensure that the city’s longest-standing and, historically, most profitable industry retains a local consumer base. “This sends the message that, not only do we stand behind the product that has become synonymous with the city, but that we welcome all smokers to live here and enjoy the fruits of long-lasting flavor and smooth tobacco taste,” said Buster LeFray, who identified himself only as “a friend to the great American tobacco companies.” The

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